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How to Evaluate & Reflect on your week or month

Don’t be yawning and rolling your eyes, honestly it’s better than chocolate! I’ll tell you why –  because you can see where your awesomeness kicked in and where you took the Goonies slide to the pirate ship – screaming and squealing!

I sit down every Sunday (without fail) with my planner and all my highlighter pens and evaluate the week that I have just completed.

I see what worked  – where I can give myself a Big Hero 6 touch / fistbump (“fa la la la la”) or what didn’t – where I can give myself a slap round the head like Gibbs off NCIS!

I also summarise the “Good things that happened that week” so that the week ends on a positive and also gets me motivated, fired up and pumped up ready for the week ahead.

With the monthly reflection I assess what tasks and projects I completed and also what I achieved personally. Plus what 3 biggest lessons I learned, how I felt and what can I do to improve for the month ahead.

I plan the month ahead too, so that I know what projects I’m working on and when. Everything is scheduled into my planner.

With evaluating and reflecting it’s vital for a long-term project or goal you may have. You may be all raring to go to achieve your goal when you first set it but then life gets in the way and you may find yourself going off track a little or even a lot.

Evaluating what didn’t work or what you didn’t achieve isn’t about making you feel like a big failure! It’s about asking yourself the question “Why didn’t I complete that task / project this month?” Then when you answer that, you know why and can then move forward to accomplishing it in the next month or week.

Evaluating and Reflecting keeps you on your path. It’s not like wearing a D hat at school or being told to stand facing the corner because you got something wrong. It’s about understanding what did and didn’t work and why. Then shimmying things around, finding out where your time is best spent and holding yourself accountable.

It’s highly effective and motivating, inspiring and empowering yourself because you can see how awesome you are and how further forward you are, both personally in your life and professionally, in your work or business towards your bigger long-term goal or your tasks and projects that you are doing.

*NOTE* I am not an affiliate of the company but the planner I use is . Check out their website and watch the video too.

Enjoy evaluating and reflecting on your weeks and months. I’d LOVE to hear what you have been reflecting on so please comment below and let me know. OR pop over to my FB page > CLICK HERE<

Best wishes,


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