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BEAUTIFUL PRAISE - thank you so much


Cheryl Rancourt

Mentor, Retailer & Network Marketer

Thank you Rebecca for all you do.

There's not enough words that can explain the value Rebecca puts out into the universe - she gets better & stronger each year! We feel it!

Rebecca helps so many people every single day. She is very powerful & a force to be reckoned with.


I appreciate Rebecca so much because her words of wisdom help me daily.


Thank you.


Carrie Woolley

Equine Communicator, Owner of Equinicity Horsehair Jewellery & Commissions 

I already have a business, I thought I knew what I was doing, until I really had to start putting it all together... home, children, other commitments and spare time.... (of which i had none).


Now I know exactly where I'm at, where I'm going and more importantly, where I want to be and how to get there. Without Rebecca's help and words of encouragement I would still be juggling it all and getting nowhere.

Rebecca is an inspirational woman. never settling for less than anything. She puts her all into everything. She is a strong, kind, amazing lady & a truly lovely person. Nothing is ever too little or too much & despite her extremely busy life, she always manages to sort me out. I honestly can't thank you enough Rebecca. Thank you....for being you. 


Sherry Cannon-Jones

Soul's Purpose Strategist

Working with Rebecca has been a game changer  not only in business but in life.


Her knowledge about business is second  to none with over 17 years in the industry. But what I hadn’t expected, was her ability to see where personal development is needed with absolute laser vision. It's like having your very own fairly Godmother twinned with Wonder Woman.


With unfailing support and insight Rebecca will be your biggest cheerleader, guiding you through a phenomenal personal development journey. Her wealth of business experience will enable you to carve your own path to success .


Thank you so much Rebecca, words cannot express my gratitude for all you have done and continue to do to ensure I achieve the business of my dreams and fulfil my vision to make a difference in the world.. You hold me accountable,  you guide me to find solutions to my challenges and obstacles and when I need it you are there to step in a give me that lift up and support that we all need from time to time

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Andy Ashworth

Diabetes Advocate, Inspirational Speaker

Rebecca’s course website provides life time access to a treasure trove of incredible catalogues of programmes and courses.


Based on over 17 years experience in business , and a remarkable personal story, Rebecca brings an unmatched passion and energy in creating each offering. If you are looking to create a new business or improve an existing one there are dozens of priceless nuggets here for you.


In addition, her insight will help you develop as an individual in business and personal relationships alike.

Unlike other similar offerings Rebecca is always willing to personally support your journey with ad hoc answers to questions. I could not recommend anyone more highly


Imani Speaks

Radio Presenter, Blogger & Intuitive Coach

Rebecca is an amazing soul, a brilliant coach and businesswoman.  She is an excellent course creator always delivering high-value content. 


She is a real one, genuine and one of a kind.  She is a woman of substance with a heart of gold and wise beyond her years.'

Maria Harris headshot BP3

Maria Harris

Owner of MHBiz & Co-owner of Tree Hawks

I met Rebecca back in 2013 through Avon Cosmetics. Since then, Rebecca has proven time & time again that she is ssoo knowledgable, honest & trustworthy in so many ways.

Her work ethic is impeccable & she always shows up no matter what is going on for her personally.

Since then, Rebecca & I have worked together on many different projects helping & supporting each other through lots of different things. She is a true cheerleader to any of her clients & friends.

She really is a Wonder Woman in everything her amazing brain does. If ever you get the chance to work with Rebecca, then please take her up on it - you will not be disappointed. Keep being you Rebecca. KGA!

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Tara Watson testimonial Rebecca Adams mi
Tracie Cox testimonial Rebecca Adams min
Chevala Hardy testimonial Rebecca Adams
Carole Arnold testimonial Rebecca Adams
Shellie Sandys testimonial Rebecca Adams
Karlene Jordan testimonial Rebecca Adams

Ray Coates

Songwriter, Singer, Actor & Vlogger

Before I connected with Rebecca Adams and her coaching and mentoring work, I was beginning to make some progress but was somewhat stuck in a bit of a rut!


However, in the last year, through working with Rebecca and benefiting from her Facebook lives; mindset courses; program packages and personal 1:1 coaching, I have seen a massive shift and progress in my life and business.


As a result of Rebecca’s incredible work with me, I now have a website; do a weekly YouTube vlog; a weekly website blog; I have released an album of my original songs (both digitally and on CD) and I have set up several packages to market my creativity, through guidance received from Rebecca.


There is SO much more planned and this mindset shift in me is 100% attributable to a Rebecca & her work. Rebecca not only helps to change minds, Rebecca and her work changes LIVES!


Quinn Curtis

Soul Branding Guru & Podcaster

Rebecca is one of the most kind and loving women I have ever met, but she's also a total badass with business. 

My life has been so blessed by knowing her, just as anyone who works with her is blessed. Your business will grow and your joy for life will grow just by simply working with her. 

Lakeisha McGee.jpg

Dr. Lakeisha S. McGee

Metanoia Specialist, PhD 

When I first met Rebecca it was if she knew no stranger she took to me right away.


With open arms she invited me to join her in a path filled with adventures for learning growing and helping others. She has remained open and willing to help me develop my business strategies while figuring out my self.


I appreciate Rebecca and what she stands for which is excellent service nothing less. I’ve gained a wonderful business mentor and a friend .
Humbly, Dr. Lakeisha S. McGee

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Karen Batty testimonial Rebecca Adams mi
Jayne Arkle testimonial Rebecca Adams mi
Gillian Martin testimonial Rebecca Adams
Sarah McInerney testimonial Rebecca Adam

Tomasita Richardson

dōTERRA Essential Oils Rep, Domestic Cleaner

They say you should "surround yourself with those who lift you higher". Rebecca is an amazing coach. Since hiring Rebecca my life and business have totally changed for the best.


I am so happy I decided to invest in myself as Rebecca is an incredible life-changer. Thank you. 

Vicky Hall-Newman.png

Vicky Hall-Newman

Blogger & Keyworker

Since I first met Rebecca, I look at life with a more positive attitude & willingness. That has rubbed off on my 8yr old daughter who has used a positive mindset to help combat her dyslexia that she suffers from.


Even her teachers have said that it's amazing that she has this positive mindset and she's now excelling in her class studies. Two years ago, she was 18 months behind her classmates but now she's only a term behind.

Without Rebecca, I don't think I would have known where to turn to understand how to get that positive back. My life and my daughter's life has turned around completely. Thanks. 


Emma Ingram

Theatre Actress, FX Make-Up Artist, Model.

Rebecca enabled me to push myself to new levels & turn ideas & dreams into realities. She offers clear straight forward direction & guidance. Her continued support & fresh thinking has enabled me to be more confident & to develop new abilities.


Her attitude to both life & work are both motivating & inspiring. She is a shining light to others.

Rebecca's "Mindset & Goal-setting Challenge" Programs have really helped me by enabling and inspiring me to set myself goals & achieve them through simple manageable steps and remind me to just breathe and work on my mindset. I am eternally grateful.

Claire Walter testimonial Rebecca Adams
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