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Letter to my junior self

Guest Blogger: NATALIE ALLANSON (Blogger, Podcaster, Special Needs & Mental Health Advocate - UK)

Dear Tilly,

It's good to see you're working hard and enjoying your primary years. Listen and learn from the wisdom that your Grandparents are passing onto you now. Appreciate those magical moments you have with them whilst you can. It is what has stood you in good stead for the years to come when you have a family of your own. Know that the good old fashioned family values, manners and the skills to run a household and grow your own fruit and vegetables will come in useful during the pandemic of 2020.

Don't be in such a hurry to grow up enjoy your childhood and appreciate the time you have and the memories you are creating. You will look back on them when times are tough and they will make you smile and give you the strength to carry on.

Don't be afraid to question things that don't feel right and to explore the world through your own eyes and feelings. Children have a right to be seen and a voice so that they can be heard. Don't believe it when you get told that children should be seen and not heard, children are a precious gift and you will want to hold onto your child-like curiosity when you're older and explore the world through those eyes once more.

You will face many challenges as you travel through life, don't be scared to ask for help or to speak out, believe it or not, your story will help and inspire others one day. So stay strong and keep going, you are brave enough and can get through anything when you set your mind to it.

Becoming a woman is a beautiful transition in your life and a time to celebrate the changes your body is going through. Don't let the opinions of others make you feel guilty or ashamed of yourself.

Your body is a vessel for the beautiful soul and light within you, let your true beauty shine bright. Looks come and go, your body will change shape and size many times over as you travel through the chapters in the story of your life.

You are in control of your thoughts, your actions and your words so choose wisely, listen to your gut instinct or intuition if it feels right then go with it if it doesn't then steer clear.

Know that it's ok to make mistakes, you will learn from them and grow stronger. Mistakes are not failures, they are merely stepping stones to get you to where you want to be. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you make along the way and let them go, don't hold onto them they will hold you back and weigh you down.

You will also kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince Charming and I'm sad to say you will also get your heart broken or at least at the time it will feel like it's broken and the world is coming to an end but it's not and you will get through it.

Appreciate everything you have and all that you are yet to receive, don't wait to read "The Secret", read it now and you will see why. It will open up your mind and your eyes.

Say yes to yourself and believe in you, no matter what anyone else says you are amazing, you are beautiful and you are far stronger then you know you know and ever thought you were.

Don't be afraid of who you are and for what the future holds. Your life may seem like a jigsaw puzzle right now with pieces missing but those pieces will all come together later on and allow you to see the whole picture and finally love and accept yourself for the beautiful and incredible person you are.

Yours lovingly

Your Future Self

Natalie Allanson

Blogger, Podcaster, Special Needs & Mental Health Advocate.

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