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You are invited...

to attend this life-changing, transformational event being held on:

Friday 5
th & Saturday 6th April 2024


The IGNITE Live Event 2023 was truly PHENOMENAL so I am creating & hosting this POWERFUL event again, in 2024, that will IGNITE and SUPER-CHARGE you beyond your wildest dreams! 

It's all about YOU! And I'm so excited for you!


This is our beautiful venue 

Doubletree Hilton Bath City UK Ignite Live Event Mindset Rebecca Adams.png

 © photo - Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Bath City

Doubletree Hilton Bath Logo Empowerment Convention IGNITE Live Event Rebecca Adams Mindset

The magic of Ignite...

is that the ELECTRIFYING & EMPOWERING ENERGY will stay in your soul during & way after the event finishes & you've gone home. 

It's you knowing & believing that my Empowerment Convention: IGNITE Live Event is going to change everything for you.

The ESSENCE of JOY that fulfils you, when you're in the room, will INSPIRE & MOTIVATE you so much that you'll know that if you have the confidence & self-belief to take action & go for it, you CAN & WILL have everything your heart truly desires!

Magic of Ignite live event  empowering rebecca adams mindset.jpg
Rebecca Adams.png

Ignite is refreshing & different...

because life isn't perfect & so the real-life stories shared at the event will help you realise & know that you are not alone. You can LOVE beyond your current situation ~ whatever that may be.

The IGNITE Live Event is a supportive environment to be OPEN, HONEST, VULNERABLE & is an opportunity for you to learn that YOU ARE STRONG so you can move forward.

You have the opportunity to make new friends, learn new tools & skills and have the most ENLIGHTENING EXPERIENCE over the 2 full days. 

LAUGHTER fills the room.


We have incredible guest speakers from the UK and Ireland

ILE 2024 image - Empowerment Convention

* Rebecca Adams - creative director & founder of the Ignite Live Event, International Mindset Mentor, Life & Business Mentor, Podcaster, Course Creator, Belief Clearing, LOA & NLP Practitioner, Book Publisher, Businesswoman (and more)
*The Irish Medium - world-renowned medium & author
*Louise Anne - female empowerment coach & speaker
*Maria Harris - owner of MHBiz
*Jason Archdale - wellness coach & speaker
*Yana Kaneva - businesswoman
*Lisa Williams - vision board queen

*Louise McGough - flower farmer, florist, co-author, owner of Grown & Gathered
*Andy Ashworth - published author & amputee

The REMARKABLE Speakers will bring lots of EMOTION your way through their talks as you know that YOU ARE A KING & QUEEN in the room & in charge of your own destiny.

Bring your family, friends, colleagues, clients, customers, neighbours ~ everyone is welcome at the IGNITE Live Event.


The IGNITE Live Event is for you......

  • to GROW & EXPAND in all arena's of your life, work & business in whatever way you wish

  • to BOOST your SELF-CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM so that you can be a voice for yourself & others, put yourself forward for contracts & promotions & earn the respect you're due

  • to ACCELERATE your business ideas, skills, knowledge & creativity to earn more money

  • to be surrounded by POWERFUL, INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE to learn from & implement their techniques into your own life

  • to UPLEVEL & QUANTUM SHIFT your way of thinking so you believe in yourself more & are more positive

  • to INCREASE your BELIEF & FAITH in yourself to go for the promotion, launch your business or products

  • to EMPOWER & MOTIVATE you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE for you, your family & the world - your clients/customers need what you're offering

  • to FAST-TRACK you & KICK-ASS with your MINDSET so that you can achieve more for yourself

  • to SUPERCHARGE your ENERGY LEVELS so you're not feeling drained, tired or burned out

  • to help you CONNECT & be SUPPORTED by INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEINGS for support, guidance and joy

  • to TRANSFORM, IMPACT & CHANGE YOUR LIFE so you can travel, live your dream life & change others lives

  • to IGNITE your PASSIONS, DREAMS, IDEAS & GOALS to tick off your life list/bucket list to-do's & be proud of yourself

  • to know that YOU ARE WORTHY & ACCEPTED just by being yourself, to know that you're important no matter what anyone has said in the past

  • to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH & WORTHY of everything you want ~ because you are

  • to know that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL because you decide & choose to. You can impact the world positively when you are taken care of

  • to know that YOU ARE STRONG & YOU ARE NOT ALONE. feel empowered & know that you can be, do & have anything you desire.

Empowerment Convention ILE2024 & Doubletree Hilton Bath City .png

We have got you!

Louise McGough testimonial.png
Carl Foster testimonial.png

Ticket price includes:

  • 2 - Day Empowerment Event

  • 9 Guest Speakers

  • Drinks (both days)

  • Snacks (both days)

  • Buffet Evening Meal (Friday night)

  • Friday Night Evening Event

  • Rubies & Diamonds Themed Gala Dinner Evening (Saturday night)

  • 3-course Gala Dinner Meal (Saturday night)

  • Moorebeats DJ Entertainment (Saturday night)

  • Ignite Live Event bag

  • Spellbound Gift

  • IGNITE Live Event 2024 Program

  • IGNITE Live Event 2024 Lanyard

  • Online Ticket Portal

  • % of ticket goes to charitable organisations (see below)

*note ~ Ticket price does not include travel, accommodation or lunch * 

*To see more of the IGNITE Live Event 2023 please > click here <

Louise Anne IGNITE Live Event testimonial.png
Victoria S-B testimonial.png
Samantha Scott psychic medium ignite live event rebeccaadamsbiz rebecca adams mindset ment

Samantha Jayne EXCLUSIVE Evening Special

Introducing Samantha Jayne, is a natural, spirit trained,  internationally acclaimed, Psychic Medium & Tarot Reader. She has been reading for clients for over 23 years.
She is a qualified, award-winning Spiritual Coach, healing the energy and mindset of spiritually-minded Entrepreneurs. She also works as an Inspirational Speaker and Retreat Host. 

Samantha Jayne will be hosting an exclusive show for all guests of the IGNITE Live Event 2024 on Friday 5th April.

IGNITE Live Event 2024 Gala Dinner Specials...

"RUBIES & DIAMONDS" themed Gala Dinner on Saturday 6th April.

with Entertainment by MooreBeats from Westbury

Alison Parsons IGNITE Live Event 2023 testimonial.png
Owen Maw IGNITE Live Event testimonial.png

The IGNITE Live Event 2024 is proud to support our chosen organisations

O.U.R. photo.png

 ©  O.U.R. Image -

Operation Underground Railroad.png

I saw Tim Ballard live in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2016 when he was on stage telling us what he did & he played a video....tears streamed down my face!

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The predators are arrested.
O.U.R. also offer freedom and healing to survivors through direct intervention and aftercare.

The Sound Of Freedom film is out now!

A % of all sales will go to this outstanding & powerful organisation.

Pencils Of Promise Logo Ignite Live Event 2023 Rebecca Adams Mindset .png

I have known about Pencils Of Promise since 2014 & I chose them as our organisation for the 2023 event and we are helping again in 2024 for "Pads of Promise".

A % of all sales will go to this incredible & remarkable for-purpose organisation.

WASH Coordinator in Ghana, Margaret Mary Debre, authored a Transparency Talk that described our WASH program in Ghana, with a particular focus on the great work being done in menstrual hygiene education. This work includes not only raising awareness about menstruation among both boys and girls in the school, but also involves demonstrations of how to make sanitary pads, as an effort to make these products affordable. Recently, students from the Columbia University School of Nursing and the Pencils of Promise (PoP) WASH Team worked together to teach girls in school how to make their own pads, which were ultimately called “Pads of Promise.” The Ghana Learning & Evaluation (L&E) Team wanted to highlight the assumed success of these efforts and worked to develop an evaluation of the program. 

Pads of Promise.png

 ©  POP Image 

Sylvia Holmes testimonial.png
Steve McGough IGNITE Live Event testimonial.png
Tracie Cox IGNITE Live Event testimonial.png

I would love to see you & give you a hug at the IGNITE Live Event in April 2024


ILE 2024 Logo.png

Sponsors for 2024

Smashing Through with Rebecca Adams Podcast - Mindset Life Business.png

Smashing Through... with Rebecca Adams Podcast

Lady Deco Logo Ignite Live Event 2023 Sponsor Rebecca Adams Mindset.png

Lady Deco

MH Biz Logo.png
Spellbound logo tracie cox.jpeg

with Tracie Cox


WHAT ARE THE TIMES FOR THE EVENT? The IGNITE Live Event doors open at 9am on Friday 5th April ready to start at 9.30am - 4pm. The Friday evening entertainment starts at 7pm - 9.15pm. On Saturday 6th April the event starts at 10am - 4.20pm. The Gala Dinner starts at 7pm - 11.30pm. There are plenty of breaks & a lunch hour on both days too. *PLEASE NOTE - The event will start promptly so please be on time*

WHAT DOES THE TICKET PRICE INCLUDE? The ticket price includes 2 - Day Empowerment Event, 9 Guest Speakers, Drinks (both days) Snacks (both days) Hot/Cold Buffet Evening Meal (Friday night) Friday night Entertainment Rubies & Diamonds Themed Gala Dinner Evening (Saturday night) 3-course Gala Dinner Meal (Saturday night) Gala Dinner Gift (Saturday night) Moorebeats DJ Entertainment (Saturday night) Lady Deco Gift bag IGNITE Live Event 2024 Program IGNITE Live Event 2024 Lanyard % of ticket goes to charitable organisations *Note* Price does NOT include travel, accommodation or lunch*

I AM DISABLED. IS THIS VENUE ACCESSIBLE FOR ME? Yes, the entire venue is accessible for wheelchairs, walking sticks & frames.

DOES THE GALA DINNER CATER FOR DIFFERENT FOOD REQUIREMENTS? Yes, the menu has vegan & vegetarian options and also offers GF and GFO food too. Any allergies can be taken care of too - make sure you inform Rebecca Adams when ordering your food with her.

*Please note on all events there is a no refund policy.*


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