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Smashing Through The Stop Sign Of Life

Amazon International Bestseller


16x true life-changing experiences of mental health, dreams, shocks, cancer & hurdles leading to strength, power & positivity

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Co-Authors, Radio Show Interviews & Reviews

Rebecca Adams Headshot BP.png

Rebecca Adams

Phoebe Adams BP3 a.png

Phoebe Adams

Karlene Jordan BP3.png

Karlene Jordan

Julie Dickens BP3.png

Julie Dickens

Louise McGough BP3.png

Louise McGough

Sherry C-J BP3.png

Sherry Cannon-Jones

Mandy Vermaak BP3.png

Mandy Vermaak

Michelle Roche.png

Michelle Roche

Ashley Stanford BP3.png

Ashley Stanford

Maria Harris headshot BP3.png

Maria Harris

Gemma Gilfoyle headshot BP3.png

Gemma Gilfoyle

Susan Anne Lynn BP3.png

Susan Anne Lynn

Sherri Olsen BP3.png

Sherri Olsen

Ray Coates Headshot BP3.png

Ray Coates

Victoria SB BP3.png

Victoria Sainsbury-Brown

Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 00.57.18.png

Michelle Netherton

Louise Adair BP3.png

Louise Adair


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#STTSSOL 2nd Interview Imani.png
#STTSSOL Radio interview Imani's show.png


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STTSSOL review 6.png
STTSSOL review 1.png
STTSSOL review 4.png
STTSSOL review 7.png
STTSSOL review 5.png
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STTSSOL review 2.png
STTSSOL review 8.png
STTSSOL review 12.png
STTSSOL review 13.png
STTSSOL review 10.png
STTSSOL review 14.png
STTSSOL review 16.png
STTSSOL review 15.png
STTSSOL review 9.png

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