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Voicenote & Messenger Coaching

This is for you if...

  • You started your business to create more FREEDOM in your life, to design your days and work on your terms but.... along the way, life happened, and now you feel like a hamster on a wheel, not knowing what to do, where your clients / customers are coming from, you've hit a plateau and you're feeling tired and overwhelmed.

  • You are wanting to start your business but you don't know where or how to start. You need to keep the business outgoings down but want to scale and earn profit. You're willing to take action and put the work in - you'll do what it takes.

  • You want to be coached and mentored but don't like being on camera and so it feels too much to invest in someone when you'll feel sick before even hopping onto zoom. 

  • You want someone to coach you that you can relate to, someone who walks the talk, and will be there so you can pick their brain, be fast-tracked with their knowledge and expertise and know that you have support and guidance at the touch of a button. 

Voxer Coaching with Mindset Mentor Rebecca Adams.jpg
Voxer Coaching with Rebecca Adams Mindset Mentor.jpg

Voicenote & Messenger Coaching with me...

  • Is like having me in the room with you over a cuppa.

  • I bring all of my years of experience, skills and knowledge to our sessions.

  • My high energy will help you feel empowered, inspired and motivated, knowing that you have my 100% support.

  • I kickass on the sessions, to help you in the arena's in your life and business that you need to edit, level up or quantum shift.

  • Clearing your old beliefs, working through icky negative emotions and situations that are holding you back will be so LIBERATING for you in order to move forward.

  • You have me "on tap" and can message me at any time and I will respond at my earliest opportunity (esp. regarding timezones).

  • It is laid back and easy. No camera's and just you and me.

  • It truly is a wonderful way to gain coaching access to me without having to schedule around your children, family commitments and work schedules.

  • It's just like texting or messaging a friend on social media, except my Voicenote & Messenger coaching is absolutely mind-blowing to take you to the next level.

  • All voicenotes and messages are saved in your messenger app so you can listen and read again and again. (Click "keep" on voicenotes after listening on iphone).

Just Imagine.....

You have a life and business that you designed and loved, having more energy each and every day.

You are faster at uplevelling your mindset and money mindset daily in order to be open, ready and willing to receive wonderful, paying and incredible rockstar clients and customers.

You are feeling more confident, motivated and positive about your life and/or  business.

You have an idea you'd like to run by me for your business but you don't have time, as you're busy making the children's food and have to help with their homework, so you message me. I reply with amazing advice, support and content whilst you're attending to your children and you listen to the message after they're in bed. You then implement my advice when you desire.

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Entrepreneur on the go.jpg

No stress of trying to book and schedule in weekly or fortnightly zoom calls. You message when you desire, at whatever time you want and know that I will reply at the earliest opportunity.

You have an Accountability Partner in your pocket and at the touch of a button.

Saving time with my Voicenote & Messenger Coaching, so that you can spend more quality time with your family, friends, travelling and on your business, with your own clients and customers.

Quantum shifting, earning more money and increasing your professionalism in your own business through having access to me.

Owning your time, being in alignment with what's true to you and keeping your crown on.

Let's go!!!!
I'm excited for you!

How it works....

Don't worry.... I've got you!
Sign up for my Voicenote & Messenger Coaching by clicking the button above or below.

You will be taken to the payment page. (Coaching is payable monthly or bi-weekly - investment price below).

Once your 1st payment has gone through, you will be able to login and receive all the details to start with me and my Voicenote & Messenger Coaching straight away.

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You are not going to take action and implement the work.
You need medical advice or therapy.
You want someone to just chat to.


$788 per month OR $400 every two weeks


"Rebecca always delivers high-value content and she's wise beyond her years. She's a woman of substance who shows others they can achieve their dreams. Rebecca is an amazing soul, wonderful friend and an incredible businesswoman".


"I met Rebecca back in 2013 through Avon Cosmetics. Since then, Rebecca has proven time & time again that she is ssoo knowledgeable, honest & trustworthy in so many ways. Her work ethic is impeccable & she always show up no matter that is going on for her personally.

Since then, Rebecca & I have worked together on many different projects helping & supporting each other through lots of different things. She is a true cheerleader to any of her clients & friends.

She really is a Wonder Woman in everything her amazing brain does. If ever you get the chance to work with Rebecca, then please take her up on it - you will not be disappointed, Keep being you Rebecca. KGA!"


"Working with Rebecca has been a game-changer, not only in business but in life. Her knowledge about business is second to none. What I hadn't expected was her ability to see where personal development is needed with absolute laser vision. It's like having your very own fairy Godmother twinned with Wonder Woman. She is your biggest cheerleader and guides you through a phenomenal personal development journey. "


"Rebecca helps so many people every single day. She is very powerful & a force to be reckoned with. The value she puts out into the universe - she gets better & stronger each year! We feel it!"


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