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How have you been lately, within yourself?

Guest Blogger: STEVE McGOUGH (NLP Master Practitioner, CEO of Sow Mindful- UK)

How often do you hear people add those last two words onto that sentence?

Have you ever added it yourself?

I know I have done.

Sometimes we ask the question but not everyone is interested in the answer, because as humans, we can at times, only be interested in ourselves.

I'm concerned about me, but equally, I'm concerned about you. You deserve to be happy don't you?

We are living through strange times, aren't we? So now more than ever, it is so important that we look after our mental health.

Which leads me to ask 'how do you behave?'. Do you behave?? Perhaps you get in trouble for your behaviour. Everyone is wanting human beings to change behaviour, from companies hiring health and safety agencies, to schools wanting children to not 'misbehave'.

Behaviours are the results of feelings.

As an example, acting really angry and slamming a plate on the table is to act on the feeling of anger. Thought causes the feeling. To change the behaviour is too late.

Feelings are coming from thought, and behaviours are acting on the feelings.

Effectively, you're creating a space between thought, feeling and behaviour. It's in that gap that people get to change, and not act on that thought. Automatically, the behaviours fall away.




You realise that thought is causing your feelings, and your behaviour will change.

Remember that once your behaviour is playing out, it's too late.

I hope this has been some help to you.

To work with me, get in touch. Connect with me. I would love it. I want to help you live your life as the best version of yourself.

Steve McGough

NLP Master Practitioner

CEO & Founder of Sow Mindful

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This is so true💥We tend to react to situations without seeing how we effect others around

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