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Rebecca Adams business mentoring mindset mentor

I've been exactly where you are...

Waking up each morning, doing what all the "guru's" online tell you to do and still feeling like nothing is changing in your life.

Feeling stuck but trying to remain positive with everything that you're juggling. 

Making your way along your journey, trying to make sense of how you feel, what to do, how to heal, what things you can do to change your current situation and move forward. 

That deflating feeling of "everything you are trying and doing isn't working!"

You know that something's got to give and you're actually done with spinning plates, doing the same thing over and over.

Now, it's your time to change it. You've hit the line so it's now or never!

Let's go!

Rebecca Adams

I've known from a young age that mindset is paramount & you can change everything.

Since I was a teenager I've always worked on my mindset, before I even knew what it was. That became even more important going through my son's autism diagnosis, a divorce and life itself.

The thing is ~ life is continuous and so I had to uplevel and stack up my mindset frequently amid everything that I was dealing with. It can be hard but when you can identify and call things out for what they are (information for you to process), then you can start to make headway.

That's what I did.

I knuckled down, did the mindset and inner healing work needed to be done in order to be able to set boundaries, say no to things, become a voice and really believe and know that I am important, remarkable and I deserve to have an amazing life.


Rebecca Adams Mindset Mentor Life Coach Business Mentor Ignite Live Event

Everything expanded and changed from there. By clearing all the old beliefs, old programming and ways of thinking, I was able to step into the possibility realm of a higher energy and frequency of my life. I was much happier, more at peace and backed myself 100%.

I used the modalities and techniques that worked for me, submersed myself in the teachings and I see life as a true gift and blessing, so that no matter what happens, I know I can come through the other side of it by shining a light on it, work out what I can control and how it affects me and go from there.

I am healed and focused on high level mindset every second of every day.

I can help you to do the same, within your life and experiences.

Know that you've got this & I am here to support you every step of the way.

So, my question for you is ~ what do you want?

Do you want to heal from the past and start to live your life forwards, instead of allowing the past to drag you back and dictate what you do, how you feel and where you're heading?

This can stop you in your tracks repeatedly and make you not believe in yourself and go for the job you desire, take that chance that you want, stop you from being a voice in the room and from setting up that business you really want to have. It can also affect your relationships whereby you become a mouse and people pleaser.

Do you want more peace and freedom in your life to do the things you've always wanted to do?

Making the decision to design your days and work on your terms is liberating and it's free-ing for the soul to step into the confidence of having more peace and tranquility in your life. Being able to book that holiday/vacation, spend time with the children to see their milestones and have that extra quality time with your partner is incredible. Making memories is important and so if you feel like you're doing everything and have no time - that can affect your mood, your health and mindset. 


I've got you!

Rebecca Adams business mentoring mindset mentor
Rebecca Adams Business mentoring Mindset mentor

This is for you if...

  • You've had enough of "settling" and want to really transform your life from hereonin.

  • You've realised that this life is on you ~ no-one else! This is it and you get to decide how you live it and what you do, be, have, create and want.

  • You have decided to change the status quo and remember who you are, keep your crown on and rise up from where you've been keeping yourself down because of past experiences, people, conversations and situations.

  • You really want to heal your inner child, your past (up until this point), and start to reprogram your mindset with positive, uplevelled, empowering and inspiring new thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions.

  • You want to grow your confidence beyond your wildest dreams so you can speak up in that meeting at work, get that raise you desire for your family, go into a store and buy that outfit that you want, say yes to the red lipstick or the briefcase and more.

This is also for you if...

  • You know that you can have it all when you decide to and you know that you can't get any time back from the universe - it's always moving forwards.

  • The past few years have made you realise that you are important and that life is precious. You've changed as a person through your experiences and so you are trying to live a life of more love and gratitude and grab life with both hands to make even more amazing memories.

  • You don't want to keep repeating cycles that don't feel good to you.

  • You want to release, let go and clear any blocks holding you back so you can live a more empowered and abundant life.

woman aura image.png
Rebecca Adams Mindset Mentor Glasgow empowerment

Private 1:1 Business Mentoring with me...

  • Is like having me in the room with you (on a call) and chatting over a cuppa. It's easy and laid back so you can relax and be yourself on the sessions.

  • You also have me "on tap" and can message and voicenote me at any time and I will respond at my earliest opportunity (esp. regarding timezones). This helps you so you get the advice asap and don't have to wait for a call.

  • I bring all of my years of experience, skills, wisdom and knowledge to our sessions.

  • My high energy will help you feel empowered, inspired and motivated, knowing that you have my 100% support, guidance and you know you're not alone.

  • I kickass on the sessions, to help you in the arena's in your life that you need to edit, level up, heal from or quantum shift.

  • Clearing your old beliefs, working through icky negative emotions and situations that are holding you back will be so LIBERATING for you in order to move forward.

  • You can book a session on the fly so it is a wonderful way to gain coaching access to me as it works around your schedule, children, family commitments and work.

  • The messenger and voicenote access to me is just like texting or messaging a friend on social media, except this type of added coaching is absolutely mind-blowing to take you to the next level.

  • All voicenotes and messages are saved in your messenger app so you can listen and read again and again. (Click "keep" on voicenotes after listening on iphone).

Just imagine.....

You wake up each morning not dreading the day ahead, but instead are grounded in gratitude, excitement and love knowing that you are programming your day on a positive note and designing it that way so that anything negative that shows up, you can handle, because you started the day powering yourself up.

You have more energy throughout the day, as you are saying no to the things that don't align, feel good or serve you anymore.

You are faster at uplevelling your mindset and money mindset daily in order to be open, ready and willing to change your life exponentially.

You are feeling more confident, motivated and positive about your life and are able to be a voice for yourself, to grasp life with both hands and be able to have those windows of opportunity throughout the day to maintain the balance your life needs to stay focused on what you need to fulfil it.

You are healed from the past experiences and people that have held you back and thwarted your progress in life so far. You have the daily techniques to use whenever you need them and it's liberating to you.  

rebecca adams private 1:1 life mentoring mindset mentor
YES please to your Private 1:1 Business Mentoring
rebecca adams private 1:1 life mentoring package mindset mentor

You have a fresh outlook on life and are having better relationships with not only yourself, but with your children, partner, work colleagues etc because you have your boundaries set in place, you know exactly who you are and how important you are in this world. You have value to give and are a remarkable human being.

You are sleeping better, feeling good within yourself and about yourself. Knowing that you have choices, changes and transformations in your life that will add so much goodness to what you're experiencing.

You have an Accountability Partner in your pocket and at the touch of a button. You can book calls and have messenger and voicenote communication with me is powerful so that you can connect whenever you desire. You have the support and guidance there and 
I will reply at the earliest opportunity.

You can spend more quality time with your family, friends, travelling and on your business, with your own clients and customers, with having the messenger and voicenote access to me.

Owning your time, being in alignment with what's true to you and keeping your crown on, through quantum shifting, elevating your belief in yourself and ultimately changing your life. 

YES please to your Private 1:1 Business Mentoring

Let's go!!!!
I'm excited for you!

How it works....

Don't worry.... I've got you!
Sign up for my Private 1:1 Life Mentoring by clicking the button above or below.

You will be taken to the payment page. (Coaching is payable monthly or bi-weekly - investment price below).

Once your 1st payment has gone through, you will be able to login and receive all the details to start with me and my Private 1:1 Life Mentoring straight away.



You are not going to take action and implement the work.
You need medical advice or therapy.
You want someone to just chat to.


$988 per month OR $500 every two weeks

YES please to your Private 1:1 Business Mentoring


When I first met Rebecca it was if she knew no stranger she took to me right away.


With open arms she invited me to join her in a path filled with adventures for learning growing and helping others. She has remained open and willing to help me develop my business strategies while figuring out my self.


I appreciate Rebecca and what she stands for which is excellent service nothing less. I’ve gained a wonderful business mentor and a friend .
Humbly, Dr. Lakeisha S. McGee


Rebecca enabled me to push myself to new levels & turn ideas & dreams into realities. She offers clear straight forward direction & guidance. Her continued support & fresh thinking has enabled me to be more confident & to develop new abilities.


Her attitude to both life & work are both motivating & inspiring. She is a shining light to others.

Rebecca's "Mindset & Goal-setting Challenge" Programs have really helped me by enabling and inspiring me to set myself goals & achieve them through simple manageable steps and remind me to just breathe and work on my mindset. I am eternally grateful.


They say you should "surround yourself with those who lift you higher". Rebecca is an amazing coach. Since hiring Rebecca my life and business have totally changed for the best.


I am so happy I decided to invest in myself as Rebecca is an incredible life-changer. Thank you. 


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