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Have you ever wanted to share your own personal story to inspire others and show them that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel? To encourage them that they are not alone?


Have you got the burning desire to finally write the novel you've been thinking about for months, maybe even years?

Rebecca can help with getting your book from idea to print and out into the world.

She has been writing for many years and is an Amazon #1 International Best-selling Author in 6 books and is publishing another truly incredible and phenomenal compilation book in October 2021 following the success of her two Amazon Bestseller compilation books "Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling" & "Smashing Through The Brick Wall".


The 3rd book in this trilogy will feature numerous international co-authors who will share true, life-changing life experiences in their chapters and how they have overcome them through HOPE, DETERMINATION & PURE STRENGTH. 

"don't die with your story inside of you"

Rebecca Adams


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  • The process will consist of idea to proof-reading & editing (maybe a few times)

  • Title, Subtitle, Size, Price, Layout & Format, Front & Back Cover, Amazon Upload.

  • ISBN Number, Promotion & Kindle and Paperback Launch Strategy 

  • Full Support, Guidance, Mindset work & Coaching throughout plus more..

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Caroline Brown.png

Caroline Brown

Smashing Through The Brick Wall

I love music, but I can't write music. I love writing words, and I can do that! Writing for yourself is one thing. Writing poems is quite another. But writing a chapter in a book? I never in a million years would have thought that anything I wrote would be of interest to the world! However, I was presented with the opportunity to do just that last autumn, and despite my initial hesitation, I decided to 'go for it'. I'm so glad I did!


My decision proved to be the right one, and I'm now the proud co author of a #No1 Best Selling Book! Right decision! It wasn't difficult.. I just wrote from the heart, and handed my work to the amazing Rebecca Adams, who did everything else! Of course there is an investment involved, but it is so worth it!

If you have a message to share to the world, and we all do, I would highly recommend you get in touch with Rebecca Adams, and she will lovingly and skilfully guide you through the process. Think about this....your message could help hundreds and thousands of people. What better legacy to leave"

Michelle Roche.png

Michelle Roche

Smashing Through The Brick Wall

Rebecca asked me if I would like to be a co author in a book she was compiling ‘Smashing Through The Brick Wall’ My answer was yes and I am so glad I did it. Writing about a difficult life experience not only helps yourself to heal but it helps others too. Those reading it who connect in some way may just find the hope that they need. That in itself is an amazing feeling.


I never thought I’d be an #1 International best selling author, yet here I am along with 11 incredible human beings. If you’re thinking about doing the same I highly recommend you have a chat with Rebecca.


She is amazing to work with, she will guide you through the process with love. Her knowledge, experience and caring nature will dissolve any doubts you may have, so go for it, you won’t regret it. Xxx


Ray Coates

Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling

When Rebecca invited me to consider being a co-author and sharing my throat cancer experience in a chapter of an upcoming book, it was an emphatic yes from me! Why was I so sure? Because everything Rebecca does is laced with tremendous inspiration, work and the potential to share greater hope for others. Not only did I receive the opportunity to write my chapter for ‘Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling’ but Rebecca also guided me, with tremendous skill and insight, to draw out more of the strength and hope I had to share.


Rebecca encouraged me to go deeper into the emotion of this experience. Additionally, there were also opportunities to share the vision and mission of inspiring others to find their ‘voice within’ through online events and radio interviews, co-ordinated by Rebecca.


‘Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling’ (an international bestseller), has been a phenomenal life-changing opportunity for myself and others, that I will be forever grateful for.


Lorraine Ford.png

Lorraine Ford

I would definitely recommend being part of a book project with Rebecca. I found it a very cathartic experience. Quite emotional, but healing.


The community that surrounds you when you are a part of this is so encouraging, and uplifting! I am so glad I did it!

Sherry Cannon-Jones Headshot BP.png

Sherry Cannon-Jones

Taking part in Rebecca's book project was one of the best things I have done both personally and professionally. Through the collaboration, I have made some amazing friends and contacts.

Rebecca was there every step of the way, ensuring the whole process was seamless from start to finish. Being part if something where I could share my story along with others to create a resource to help others was truly humbling. Thank you Rebecca

Smashing Through The Brick Wall

Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling

Maria Harris.png

Maria Harris

Smashing Through The Brick Wall

Rebecca Adams is amazing she gave me the opportunity to get my story out there in a published book, something I didn’t think was possible. However she made the process so easy and so simple. She kept us all very well updated and gave us all the information we needed to be able to complete the project.


Although Rebecca had some personal issues throughout the process she still turned up and made it the best experience ever for all 12 co authors. Rebecca, you truly are amazing at what you do lovely and don’t change. You're amazing the way you are.


100% Recommend Rebecca for any of her projects that she is doing, totally amazing and life changing.