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Website Building

Are you wanting to create a professional website to showcase your business so that your clients and customers can buy your products and services?


Maybe you have a website already and you want it revamping and want it to look sleek, classic and make it elegant or more user-friendly.


Rebecca has been designing and creating her own websites since 2007 and, in 2019, decided to open her skills up to many people who want their own websites too without charging extortionate prices but still having the amazing quality.


She has a lot of happy clients and the dedication she shows is paramount PLUS..... the turnaround from start to finish is within 2-4 days (depending on what you desire).

Rebecca really submerses into the essence of her client when building their website to bring the AI and Online version of the client to the world.


How it works:

  • Choose your website package below and pay

  • Contact Rebecca direct to schedule a call & then jump on the call with Rebecca to discuss your requirements

  • Rebecca will schedule your website creation in her planner

  • Choose your website platform & purchase a package with them (*NOT* included in Rebecca's packages)

  • You will receive your website, password & training video once your website has been completed.

Website Packages


Full Website Creation

Choose a full website creation which includes:

Home, About & Contact Pages, Testimonials/Praise Page, Media Page, Layout, Design, Image Creations, SEO, Legal Pages, Social Media Links, Email Newsletter Subscription Element, Blog, (Tailor-made added options > Vlog, Shop etc) and 1x re-edit.

PROMO VIDEO too (if requested)

Training video so you can edit your website. Advice on copy for the website plus more...

*All will be discussed on the call with Rebecca*



Website Revamp

Choose a website revamp which includes:

Edits of all pages on the website, including images, colours, fonts, layout design and creations, SEO, Legal Pages revamp, Email Newsletter Subscription Element. 

Added extra pages if needed


Promo Video (if needed)

Training video so you can edit your website. Advice on copy of the website and more. 

*All will be discussed on the call with Rebecca*


Websites created by Rebecca & Testimonials

Hair Agency UK 1.png
Hair Agency UK 2.png

Claire Kendrick -

I am really happy with the professional experience and fast service . Also the support was endless, nothing was a problem when needed to ask a question .I love the ideas and passion Rebecca has when supporting the website to get started . Since my website has launched it’s gone from strength to strength and I have had a lot of new business. 5 Star Rating

The Root Health Sheetal Gulati Rebecca Adams Website Revamp Gut Nutrition Homeopath Naturo
The Root Health Sheetal Gulati Nutrition Homeopathy naturopath hair tissue rebeccaadamsbiz

Sheetal Gulati -

Louise McGough website.png
Louise McGough grown and gathered website.png

Louise McGough -

Sherry CJ website home.png
Sherry CJ website home1.png

Sherry Cannon-Jones -

Michelle Penrose Keto.png
Michelle Penrose Keto1.png

Michelle Penrose - Keto

Gail Ruth Peterson website.png
Gail Ruth Peterson website 1.png

Gail Ruth Peterson -

Hey friends, I want to give a shout-out to a dynamite lady I met earlier this year. She is a business coach and has been a tremendous blessing in helping me build a dream I've had for many years but never knew how to make it a reality. She gives me permission to dream big and out loud, and by helping me set small and large goals. Another thing this amazing lady has done is built a website for me that is truly beginning to capture who I am and what I do.

There are two reasons I want you to know about Rebecca Adams, who is not only a coach but has also become my friend:

1. I want you to visit my site. She asked me dozens of questions before starting the project, right down to my favorite colors and font styles! The site is new and still needs more of my work, but that will really take off when I'm settled in my new studio!

2. I want to encourage anyone who has had a dream to do something you always felt like you were born to do but didn't know where to get started. Message my friend Rebecca Adams. She is a listener, an encourager, resourceful, full of energy, and has a fun British accent yall! (She lives in the UK. Love hearing her talk!)

Thank you for all you've become in my life sweet lady. (Still blows my mind how we met!) I'm proud to have you working with me!

Friends, please visit my website!

Steve Mcgough nlp1.png
Steve Mcgough nlp2.png

Steve McGough -


Yana Kaneva 

I am so grateful to the lady who gave me Rebecca's contact details. I run a small business and I needed help with my web site. Rebecca did a fantastic job. She wasted no time getting the job done. Rebecca is creative, efficient, loves her job and delivers excellent customer service. I will definitely recommend Rebecca's services to other businesses.  I look forward growing my business with my new web site. 'My new web site' - how wonderful this sounds. Thank you, Rebecca. 

Louisa Moulton website1.png
Louisa Moulton website2.png

Louisa Moulton -

Since having my website made, it is truly awesome. I love the design that Rebecca did when helping me put my ideal website together and how she used all the messages, pictures and stuff to put it together for me. I feel like a new and proper business person, coach consultant in charge/control of all I now do and I love what all this gives to me, that I can do anything I want now to achieve and complete all my dreams and goals now as well.

Thank you very much Rebecca and everyone, seriously, if you want a great value and most exciting fun and helpful person to help set up your new website then I’d highly recommend Rebecca Adams to you.

Michelle Roche website1.png
Michelle Roche website2.png

"OMG! You absolute living legend. I'm blown away..... it's just beautiful and I absolutely love it! I can't thank you enough Rebecca. You've captured the essence of me and what this business is about in the most beautiful way. Thank you so much & I'll be telling everyone and anyone to come to you to build their website". Michelle Roche.

Trisha Gelder website1.png
Trisha Gelder 2.png

Trisha Gelder -

What can I say about my website revamp by Rebecca Adams? All I picked was 3 colours and Rebecca did the rest. Rebecca is professional, creative, efficient, exceeded any expectations I may have had on the finished look. I was so happy I shared my new website just on Facebook and in within 24 hours I had more bookings coming in than ever and they continue to flow in. My services did not change - only the energy of my website changed. I knew it need a Professional finish and it was well worth investing in. I 100% recommend Rebecca Adams to anyone, she’s very trustworthy which is super important to me, I will book her services again. Trisha Gelder International Numerology Consultant & Energy Healer.

Phoebe Adams1.png
Phoebe Adams2.png

Phoebe Adams -

Rebecca built my website in 2020 for me to start writing my blog and also feature my portfolios. My website is professional and Rebecca made it quick but to her high standards, that she is known for in business. She has also taken a lot of photos that are featured on my website too. Thank you Rebecca for teaching me how to edit my website myself, with your training. I am now confident with uploading all content on my website.  

Lisa Lowndes Website 1.png
Lisa Lowndes website 2.png

Lisa Lowndes -

Hi Rebecca. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the website you built for my business. I knew it would be good but it’s more than good, it’s amazing and I’m so pleased. You really thought about who I am and what I’m trying to deliver and the outcome was on point. The colours pop and the video just makes me smile.
I know my new website is going to be incredible for my business, since it went live my notifications have been pinging from site visitors globally!! So for anyone looking for a new website built from scratch, or you feel your website needs a re vamp - Rebecca is the lady for the job xx

The Irish medium1.png
The Irish Medium website build frame
The Irish Medium2.png
the irish medium build 1

The Irish Medium -

Jenny Ford website.png
Jenny Ford website1.png

Jenny Ford -

I believe that an important part of any business is your website. It not only shows my products and services but it shows me as the person behind the business. Then I met Rebecca who completed a huge revamp of my entire website to make it more appealing, professional and amazing. She also knows how to add those important missing touches. I would highly recommend Rebecca whether it's to revamp your website or to build from scratch. Rebecca has since revamped my website on 2 separate occasions in 2022. Jenny Ford Author.

Ray Coates Voice website.png
Ray Coates Voice services.png

Ray Coates -

Rebecca Adams built my incredible website last year (2019). In fact the process was of far greater value than just building a website! Why? Because Rebecca consulted with me as to how I wanted the website to appear. She guided and coached me through a variety of elements, how to choose colour, font, images and also to write my own content. Therefore, the end result was not just a pop up site but an extremely professional website that reflected my brand. Further to this Rebecca has given me the encouragement and means to be able to edit my own website. The service and incredible value provided by Rebecca is one I would strongly recommend for others. Rebecca provided me with not just any old website but a website with my heart and soul in it. She has also revamped it in early 2020 and also in February 2021.

JDM SoFA page.png
JDM SoFA page1.png

Julie Dickens -

I was requested to add a page to Julie's amazing website to showcase her JDM SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS PROGRAM so I added a new page to her site and all the extras needed for that project which I also created the promo video for too.

Alison Parsons website1.png
Alison Parsons website 2.png

Alison Parsons -

One of the most empowering things I read once was that sensible people out source tasks they can’t do so they can focus on the income producing tasks they can do and therefore create the income to pay for that task however here I was still labouring away trying to build my website until one day the Angel that is Rebecca Adams offered to build it for me I knew instantly what ever it cost would be worth 10 times the amount in value because it would mean all the many multifaceted sides to my businesses would be all under one umbrella that I could direct people to instantly instead of the catch 22 scenario of being a juggling octopus trying to spin multiple plates that meant I never got to work on building my website however while that was my motive the result far out weighed my expectations Rebecca asked me multiple questions to really get "the essence of ME" and pour my personality into the lay out and design and then exceeded my expectations again with a beautiful welcome video that tells anyone visiting my Website who I am at my Core Being I suspect some people pay thousands for their website or opt for a well known brand just because it appears on an advert “so it has to be good, right?” and it has “No Soul” unlike my custom made creation by Rebecca Adams

Brads Sweet Delights 1.png
Brads Sweet Delights 2.png

Bradley Moore -

Miss Mazey 1.png
Miss mazey 2.png

Sharron Munro -

Julian Smith Sax website1.png
JSS website2.png

Julian Smith -

JS Live Recorded Musical Greetings1.png
JS Live Recorded Musical Greetings2.png

Julian Smith -

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