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We Rock 24hr Empowerment Marathon

I was super excited and thrilled to have been a Guest Speaker on theWe Rock 24hr Empowerment Marathon, which took place online on January 1st 2017.

It was an amazing opportunity to join 23 other women entrepreneurs and leaders from around the globe influencing listeners on the first day of the New Year. We all shared with the listeners tips, advice, skills, expertise and knowledge on many different topics per hour.

It is also a great time (as it’s the first day of the New Year) for people to be INSPIRED, ENCOURAGE and MOTIVATED to Take Action within their life and business with all the golden nuggets learned from the power-house ladies that were on the Marathon LIVE!

I was totally honoured and blessed to have been asked to be a part of this wonderful event. And Edeline also asked me to join the We Rock 24hr Empowerment Marathon on the 1st January 2019 too. It was a truly wonderful experience and I am so grateful to have been a part of her project in those 2 years.

Best wishes,


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