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Over the years, I have been asked what microphone I use for my podcasts, what laptop I use to run my business, what books I read to expand my mindset, my office desk and chair and much more. 

So, I have collated a lot together for you here, on this page, so you can have a look for yourself. I always recommend products that I am happy with. The books below have really enhanced me positively in all arena's of my life.

*Please know that I am an Amazon Affiliate and so I will receive a commission from each item bought of which I'm so grateful. Thank you so much*. Rebecca.x


Tree Hawks

Tree Hawks is a powerful worldwide search engine offering packages to businesses to market, advertise and promote their business, products, services and offerings in different ways. 

It is also a tool for customers to use to find local businesses to suit their needs. It's always being expanded so is the go-to place for everyone to visit. 

hard drive for macbook pro Rebecca Adams recommendations
canon printer rebecca adams recommendations

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