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My Keep Going Always™ product business was created as I want to EMPOWER and INSPIRE you daily so you know that you are enough and you are worthy – as you are!


You get to have it all because you choose it and you need to know that you are special, unique and awesome. You are an incredible human being – your body size, religion, colour of skin, how you dress or anything doesn’t define the person you are or how you live. You are amazing and you are unstoppable! You can have THE most incredible life if you choose it and my products are here to boost you and raise your self-esteem. My philosophy > “You can and will achieve anything you set your mind to™” is for you.



Keep Going Always™ was born many years ago, as I live and breathe my lifetime mantra in absolutely everything that I do and I encourage you to do the same. I have a burning desire to create as much positive impact and give so much value to as many people as possible, like yourself, whilst I’m here on this beautiful earth.


My legacy is huge and I’m very humbled and honoured that I can design a few items that can empower and inspire you daily in your home.


Enjoy, Rebecca.x

all products include uk postage

Please contact Rebecca direct if you are outside the UK

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Keep Going Always 

 Notepad/Journal £6.99

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Keep Going Always 

 inspirational pencils set 1 £4.99

Keep Going Always mug.png

Keep Going Always 

 mug £11.99

Inspirational Pencils Set 2.png

Keep Going Always 

 inspirational pencils set 2 £4.99

Keep Going Always Pen.png

Keep Going Always 

 pen £5.99

Inspirational Pencils Set 3.png

Keep Going Always 

 inspirational pencils set 3 


clothing is coming back in stock soon.....

Keep Going Always Crown Tshirt.png

Keep Going Always 

crown tshirt

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Model: Phoebe -

Keep Going Always Tshirt.png

Keep Going Always 


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Model: Phoebe -

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Keep Going Always 


KGA hoody & dpm hat.png

Model: Phoebe -

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