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Tools to manage your social media so you're not handcuffed to your phone

Do you feel like you’re on Facebook or another social media platform constantly? You’re in bed and instead of going to sleep you’re panicking as you haven’t updated your audience on something and it’s been 3 hours?!  You’re getting told off by your other half and you feel caught?!

Look, you need to PUT THAT PHONE DOWN!

Did you know you can automate your social media so that even when you’re on holiday, relaxing on the beach drinking tequila you don’t need to be online 24/7?

You can sit down and brainstorm all the content you want to go out on your social media platforms and then schedule them in within a couple of hours. IT SAVES YOU TONS OF TIME IN THE LONGRUN!!

I am sharing with you some tools (I am not an affiliate to any of them) you can use to automate and be your personal VA – virtual assistant.  CAN I GET A WHOOP WHOOP?!!!

Facebook – On your business page when you write your status you can schedule your posts and decide what time and date you want the post to go live on your business page. / Hootsuite / Buffer – These are separate tools and platforms so that you can link up your social media accounts with these tools. You then pre-program all your content and copy, links, videos and images to go out on your accounts whenever you schedule them.

**NOTE** I am NOT an affiliate of any of these tools or platforms mentioned.

You cannot and don’t want to be a “slave” to your social media. So, in your planner > schedule in 1 day whereby you can create copy and content. Then pre-program and load up everything for your social media automation using the social media automation platforms.


  • Reduces stress, overwhelm and most of all it gives you your time back so you can be laser-focused on your meetings, clients and family rather than always being on your phone.

Enjoy using the social media automation tools and platforms and most of all, enjoy your new-found time that you’ll get back from not being handcuffed to your laptop or phone!

Let me know (in the comments below) if you automate already and what do you use and what you’ve been able to achieve since automating your social media?

Best wishes,


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