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Myths & Lies of Multi-Tasking

Wow!! Do you multi-task? You know, like when you’re cooking and you’re trying to listen to a podcast or watch a facebook video and take notes, the milk is overflowing from the pan, the chips are burning and then the smoke alarm goes off!! I mean, really??!!

OR….. you are working on your laptop, you have SO many tabs open, your mobile phone pings, your email goes off, your house phone starts ringing and then Royal Mail knock on the door with a parcel!! And, if you’re not careful you may end up with the dog pee-ing on your foot as you forgot to let them out for a wee!

Now, if you’re laughing you are naughty because that means you DO multi-task and you’ve been there at one point or another trying to be the Wonder Woman or Superman of the house and do absolutely everything and anything within the time available.

Slapped wrists – it’s bad for you. Multi-tasking elevates your blood pressure, stress levels and reduces your focus and concentration span too.

The BIGGEST Myth and Lie about Multi-Tasking is that you’ll get more done. (What a load of rubbish!!) Poor quality work with less attention to detail.

The next BIGGEST Myth and Lie about Multi-Tasking is that you’re actually actively listening to the person on the phone, while you’re doing other work! (Rubbish again! Repeat what they’ve just said to you)

The BIGGEST example I can show you is when you’re driving a car – what do they say? Keep your eyes on the road and don’t use your phone, play with the radio / CD or anything else.

So, if you are a naughty multi-tasker I have some quick fixes and benefits for you :-


1) Schedule into your planner blocks of time for each task.

2) If a project is too big break down into smaller tasks.

3) Work on ONE task at a time and be present in the moment on that ONE task.

4) Only have ONE tab open on the laptop, silence your mobile and unplug the house phone.


1) You will be less stressed and overwhelmed as you are working on ONE task.

2) Your work will be of a higher quality as your brain is laser-focused on the ONE task.

3) You will get MORE done as you have blocked time into your planner.

> With multi-tasking you may miss something really important from the person on the phone or you may sign something you weren’t meant to. So, a lot of mistakes can happen while you’re multi-tasking as your brain is going into overload and can’t cope with the amount you’re asking it to do.

> Good Luck with the NOT-Multi-Tasking, let me know how you get on (in the comments below)  as everyone does get caught out at one point or another but if you do, don’t give yourself a hard time about it.

> Acknowledge when you are multi-tasking and you’re not putting 100% on the task at hand and STOP everything. Re-evaluate your planner and go from there.

Best wishes,


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