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Are you full of gratitude every day for what you have, even the smallest of things? It’s great and sets you up for the rest of the day if you are thankful, mindful and full of gratitude for everything you have, don’t you think?

You’ll be in such a better mood and start the day afresh with being thankful and being at peace with everything. Giving love, being happy and living a fulfilled life starts with gratitude.

You can grab a notebook and pen every morning and write down everything you’re grateful for. Or, if you aren’t a notebook and pen person, like me, then you can record it on your phone.

> Write down 10 things you are grateful for and why. The key and power in the gratitude challenge is in the reason WHY.

Make it a mission every day and then it becomes a routine, ritual and becomes a habit so you automatically do it. If something happens during the day and sets you off into a negative mindset go back and read or listen to what you were grateful for that morning.

This will change your mindset and then what also helps is to do something you love and enjoy to take your mind off the negative incident that’s happened. Although you can’t have positive without negative you need to learn to control your reactions to the action that’s happened. That’s the thing you CAN control and it starts with gratitude.

Gratitude is an “inside job” and so it starts and ends with you. You need to be at peace with yourself and mindful of the things you’re grateful for. Gratitude is also like a boomerang, whatever you’re grateful for you get it back. So, happiness brings back happiness, love brings back love.

Be grateful for the day ahead, your health, your money, being alive etc. Even when it’s raining outside and you’re going to get absolutely soaked it’s great that it’s raining as the farmers need the rain for the crops as we need the food that they’re growing.

It’s a ripple effect so it affects everyone. It’s wonderful to show and have gratitude for everything every single day. It makes you appreciate things and your life a lot more.

Let me know what things you’re grateful for and I’d love to connect with you on Facebook > Click here <

Update me on your Gratitude Challenge and let me know your thoughts.

Best wishes,


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