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Fear & how to nip it in the bud instantly

Did you know FEAR is the biggest killer of all dreams and goals? Together with procrastination but FEAR is the ultimate!

Fear stops you doing what you want to do. Fear holds you back with such power it’s like having a rope around your stomach and being pulled back constantly when you go to take that step forward.

Have you ever felt like that? Can you relate?

So many people fail at certain things because they’ve allowed FEAR to creep into their mind and take over (like the little devil on your shoulder telling you what could go wrong or not to do it).

You have got to nip it in the bud NOW!!

The fear of something is a much higher pain point than missing out on the opportunity altogether and you have to make a shift to change it.

Maybe you want to have a baby but you FEAR the labour pain so you never become a parent and you live with regret.

OR you may want to travel abroad but with all the scares in the media your FEAR overtakes your head and you never travel.

OR you may have found the perfect man or woman for you but the FEAR of being hurt again is holding you back from taking the leap of faith.

You HAVE to work on your mindset and know that FEAR is the killer of all goals and dreams.

You HAVE to go out there and knock fear down like you’re playing baseball and bat the c**p out of it so that you can achieve whatever it is you desire.

Living in FEAR is NOT a life to live or lead.

Take the leap of faith, believe in yourself and work on your mindset with positivity and conviction and knock all the FEAR and negative beliefs out of there.

I’ll tell you a secret (my own story)  – I was on a bad flight in 2000. We had crazy turbulence that we “dropped out of the sky” for a bit (I remember that flight like it was yesterday). There was an older lady sat next to me, we grabbed each other’s hands and started praying. It was horrendous and 217 – the FEAR of flying and going through that experience again was terrifying. (Can you relate?)

I remember I was on a flight to Turkey in 2009 and it was awful – the 2000 flight went through my head and I was envisioning the worst of the worst, I was deep breathing and holding onto the arm of my chair so hard. The flight attendant asked if I was okay.

In 2014 I had the incredible opportunity to fly to NYC and attend a mastermind. I knew the flight was going to be an issue so I started to psyche myself up (months before I went) and work on my mindset and head. I made it NON-NEGOTIABLE in my head that I was going to NYC, I was going to enjoy the flight and I would have a phenomenal trip.

It was absolutely OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I was SO proud of myself that for every flight I go on now, I work on my mindset and think positively of everything I’m going to do, see and learn when I get to my destination. I also let go of the fact that I can’t control the plane so I trust the pilots and crew. Trust me, this stuff works!!

So, think about it – if YOU let FEAR grasp you and consume you – you are NEVER going to experience this beautiful world we live in and also you’re going to miss out on so much.

This goes for anything that is relatable to you – Life is for living, experiencing and enjoying.

So work on your head, repeat positive affirmations and it needs to be true and honest to you. You have to believe in what you’re saying. You can’t just say it with no emotion or believability in it.

Let me know in the comments below what FEAR has stopped you from doing in the past. And, after reading this blog, what steps you’re going to take so FEAR is NOT going to consume you from now on.

Have faith and believe in yourself. I believe in you and will be your cheerleader.

Best wishes,


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