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Start where you are..

Are you in a place whereby you’re watching someone who may be on page 20, and so far ahead of you that you’re sweating trying to keep up, as you’re on page 1? (within life or business).

I’m here to say to you slow down, stop watching them and focus on you! Get those track pants off and hone in on YOUR skills, talents and expertise – you are NOT in competition with anyone but yourself.

It isn’t serving you watching them, emulating them, copying them etc – you need to be your own original blueprint > go at your own pace and do your own creative thing.

They may have the things you desire but they also may have been in the business longer than you and wasted time, energy and money getting to where they are right now – you know, the place you are screaming to get to!

Maybe you’re focused on a particular rank, money income, items you’d like to acquire – it could be anything!

Know that an “overnight success” could actually be a decade’s worth of blood, sweat and lots of tears, but, the professional in all of us, doesn’t want to portray that out to our followers as we don’t want to share all the nitty, gritty, BS that we may have or do go through on a daily basis.

Yes, we are human beings and we have feelings, we react with emotions and everything BUT no-one really wants to hear about it all unless it’s on the TV on a soap opera! So, we don’t tend to air it, unless it’s our book and we have written our story and then people are shocked at what they read because on the “outside” we seem to have our stuff together but it takes a lot to get to the destination we wanted to achieve.

And, even then it’s not about the destination > IT’S ABOUT THE JOURNEY and who we become on the journey!

I’d like you to watch my YouTube video (recorded in 2017) about >> Starting where you are and doing what you can << CLICK HERE <<

I share advice and tips for you so you know you don’t have to have all your stuff together, create momentum and consistency, taking small incremental steps daily to achieve what you desire.

Enjoy and I’d love to hear your feedback so comment below.

Best wishes,


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I've been in many MLM teams and had so many people use bully tactics to get you to bring people in. It feels to me like they are looking for you to build for them to earn more but interested in helping you become a better version of you.

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