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Be a Fearless cat and go for the cream!

In both life and business you need to “go for the cream”, like in a bottle of milk that the milkman used to deliver back in the day, and you had to get it in quick before the birds pecked the top lid to get the cream.

There is absolutely NO point whatsoever in having a mediocre lifeYOU are not here to work 24/7/365, pay bills and that’s it! Your life shouldn’t be like that. There is more to life than that.

We are here to experience this beautiful world that we live in, make memories (as I keep saying) and also to enjoy, be happy and to find & give love.


Don’t wait until that pesky bird has stolen the cream at the top and the milk has all gone! Your life and journey is worth more than that so get up, get dressed and do something about it.

Don’t waste time sitting there, slobbing out with fast food, watching TV and letting YOUR world pass you by.

You have to ask yourself in your life –

  • Do you want to have children or get married?

  • Do you want to travel or jump out of a plane?

  • Do you want to dye your hair purple or get a tattoo (or 2 or 10)?

  • Do you want to wear gothic clothes or 1950’s style?

  • Do you want to own your own business?

  • Do you want to be a millionaire?

  • Or something else….

Life is a train journey and some people will have opinions on anything and everything you do. You have to ignore the “haters” and GO FOR THE CREAM!! Don’t live your life by someone else and what THEY want you to do. You’re going to be unhappy and resent them if you do.

If someone tells you that you can’t do this or that (without swearing and sticking two fingers up to them) be polite and say – “I CAN AND I WILL, WATCH ME!”

Life is also like a boomerang so whatever you send out into the world is going to come back to you, so be genuine, honest and give out love, happiness and kindness and it will return to you in many different ways.

Be the crème de la crème and live a happy and contented life. You deserve the BEST, YES YOU DO!!  So, go out there and go get it!  


Don’t wait for tomorrow, as the saying goes > “Tomorrow never comes”. So BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT FOR TODAY.

You don’t want to have a life that passes you by straight away – you don’t want to get to your 80’s or 90’s with false teeth, granny slippers, blanket over your legs waiting for someone to take you to the toilet and regretting what you did or didn’t do.

You can’t live a life by “what if’s”. So, don’t do it.

Work to Live NOT Live to Work.

It’s all about living YOUR life to the best of YOUR ability, making memories and achieving whatever you want to achieve.  My mantra > “Keep Going – Always™”.

You CAN and WILL achieve anything you set your mind to so go out there like a fearless cat and go for the cream!

You know you want to!

And, I will be your cheerleader so comment below and let me know what you have done to “go for the cream”. I would LOVE to hear your plans and accomplishments.

Best wishes,


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