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Want to earn more money? 19 passive income ideas for you

Lots more people are creating wealth by NOT relying on ONE income coming into their household. And, you can too!

It’s fascinating watching lots of entrepreneurs using their skills and talents to sell, promote and make passive income 24/7/365.

Now, you may be thinking “I have no idea what skills I have or what to do and how to make money from it”. Always remember the box doesn’t exist so think above and beyond.


1) You have to work out what your skills and talents are so grab a notebook and pen and jot down everything you are good at.

2) Next, alongside the list you’ve made TICK the ideas that you enjoy. That is very important as you don’t want to do something you don’t like or actually hate.

3) Looking at the TICKED items you now have a list of what skills and talents you are good at and enjoy that you could make a passive income from.

Steve Jobs quote – “Do what you love, Love what you do”

List of 19 passive income ideas

  • Write a book (either hard copy or ebook)

  • Make an App

  • Make Plug-ins for websites

  • Real Estate

  • Stocks and Shares

  • Affiliate Scheme

  • Sell advertising space on your website

  • Sell domain names

  • Create software

  • Drop Shipping

  • Sell your Photography

  • Build a Network company team

  • Online programs (Evergreen)

  • Comparison site

  • Vending machines, ATM’s, Games Machines

  • YouTube Adsense shares

  • Own a carpark

  • Buy and rent out equipment and tools (e.g. bouncy castles, wedding marquees)

  • Make your own products & hire consultants to sell them

There are tons of more ideas out there, I could go on for days….

Passive Income can be great fun and enjoyable. It also means that you have multiple income streams coming into your household for you and your family.

Go out there and make a difference to people’s lives, commit to whatever you’re going to do and give it time as it won’t happen over-night.

Let me know in the comments below what passive income you’re bringing in right now OR what passive income really shouts out to you from the list above.

Best wishes,


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