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How to elevate your blog post in 10 different ways

So, your blog post is published on your website and you don’t know what else to do with it. I have some tips and ideas to help you to get the copy and content out there more to your raving fans with their pompoms!

*UPDATE* These ideas can be used to repurpose ANY of your content that you produce.


YouTube – Turn your blog post into a video and upload onto your YouTube Channel. Promote the video all over your other social network platforms, through your newsletters. DING DING!!!

Pinterest – Create a board on your account for your blog posts. Use the image that’s already on your blog post as your front cover of the pin for that blog post. Write a description and add your blog post URL to the pin. When published click the pencil icon to edit and add the URL link again to the website section so that when people click on the image they are diverted directly to your blog post.

Google+ – Promote the blog post, with the image and URL link on your account. Your “circle” see it and also if you make it public others can too.

Twitter – Tweet your blog post onto your account. Use a short eye-catching description and image, add the blog post URL and also a hashtag word too.

FaceBook – Promote the YouTube video onto your FB page / group OR the blog post directly from your website. You can also BOOST the post by paying FB and then select your audience, location, age etc and place a budget on your BOOST AD so that more people will see it.

*You can also add apps to your Facebook Page – YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter etc so people can connect without leaving Facebook.

Podcasts / Webinars / Teleseminars – Look at your ideal clients and customers and what they’d prefer. Would they listen on the phone to a podcast from an app or would they prefer to sit and watch a webinar on the laptop. The choice is yours.

Guest Blog – You can write a blog post for another blogger’s audience and vice versa. So you are getting out to their audience and they are getting out to yours. Choose someone whose audience would possibly resonate with you, that you can help them with and who would be intrigued to know more from you.

Email Newsletter – Include snippets or talk about a topic related to your latest blog post and direct your readers to the blog post with a link in the email newsletter. You can be more personal and add more to your newsletter for your readers too. You could also add your YouTube video to the newsletter if you wish.

Instagram – Create the same image for your Instagram account. Type the link to your blog post in the bio. So, when you write your description on your IG post you can tell the audience that the LINK IS IN THE BIO. Every week upload and change the link you’re asking them to click.

LinkedIn – If your blog posts are anything to do with certain industries, sales, business etc. Upload your blog post onto that platform to help elevate your expertise on LinkedIn.

EXTRA UPDATE in 2020 >> TikTok - Bullet point your advice and share in the video OR share a paragraph and use this to help your followers.

Have fun using your blog post in different ways and also let me know if you have any other ideas in the comments below. I would LOVE to hear your results if you start using these ideas.

Best wishes,


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