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Go for the No

It seems a bit strange to say “Go for the No” because in business you want customers and clients and need them for your business obviously. A lot of people focus on going for the yes (which is great), as you want them to open their purse and wallet and buy your product or service.

Have you found that once you get a “yes” you may become relaxed and think “right, I’ve got a yes so I’m just going to sit back and ease the foot of the pedal for the rest of the week”?

I completely understand that may happen but when you actually get a “no” or quite a few “no’s” it can become deflating and de-motivating.

The concept of the fantastic book – Go for No! By Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz is that it’s a story about a man who goes for the no in his business. The more no’s he gets the further to a yes he is and it makes him drive forward, build momentum and consistency and not be so laid back when he gets a yes for the week because he’s focused on how many no’s he has targeted himself for.

It really boosts his business dramatically and I highly recommend this book to you. (I read it within a day).

I have a YouTube video on this topic too (recorded in 2016). Click here>

Target yourself for the week and work on your head that it’s amazing to get a YES but infact, you are “Going for the no” and you need to keep going until you’ve hit the No target you’ve set.

Simple right?! It’s fun too. It also helps you to change your mindset and your outlook on the no’s and not feel so negative about them.

So – Go for the No and let me know your thoughts and feedback over here on my FB page >> click here <<

I would love to connect with you.

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