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The Secret Keeper!

Guest Blogger: CHEVALA HARDY (Writer - USA)

Scared              Lonely               Sad                Confused                 Tired            Depressed

Don’t let the smiles fool you, because behind most smiles there are lots of secrets.

Do you ever gaze at a photo and wonder what secrets are that person holding?

Many of us carry secrets that become burdens of a lifetime. Is there a word for that? Is there a group for that? Can I go talk to someone and not be judged?

Do you ask these things?

Carrying these secrets can cause all types of emotions. It can make you scared because depending on the secret, you may feel you have to keep it to protect your life. It can make you withdraw from your friends and family causing you to feel lonely and sad.

You may also get confused and beat yourself up wondering why it happened to you and think it was something you may have done wrong. All of these mixed emotions will make you tired and cause you to fall into depression.

How do I know? ...... because that person at one time was me.

I decided to get treatment a long while ago and now I want to be your voice. All secrets are not made to be kept especially the ones that hinder us daily.

Let’s start talking!


Chevala Hardy



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