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Is our past ruling our present?

Guest Blogger: ANGIE CANDLER (Founder & Owner of Mrs Mindful - UK)

I know that when our past has been traumatic or a version that we are ashamed off it is hard to let go.


I know you cannot change the past, whatever happened is done and over with and has turned us into the person we are today. I know that most of us hate that past version of ourselves because we found ourselves weak or somewhat ashamed of that version we were… I know that is how I felt when I looked back on my past and saw how one person made me believe so much less of myself that I became a robot to him due to fear and because he made me believe I was worthless. But you need to realise that, that version of me helped me survive those bad times, so in a way they were strong enough to get us through! So in looking back and making peace with our past self’s only then can we move forward in a positive light.

The most important person to forgive is yourself.

Forgiving is very liberating; it means releasing our attachment to negative emotions. We forgive others, not for them, but for ourselves. Forgiveness is a gift to us because it creates peace of mind and sets us free to create a future we can love and enjoy.

❤️ Remember that the most important person to forgive is yourself

❤️ Remember that whatever happened is done and over with

❤️ Remember to have a great day

Forgiveness is so hard but with the right help with your mindset it can be done, I promise you! I am not saying it happens over night, but it does happen if you keep working on it every day. I had gotten to a point in my life where I had to do this for my own sanity otherwise, he was still controlling my life even when he is not in it.

I took back my control and my mission in life is to help others feel they can be free and never feel that shame or fear again! No one has the right to control, hurt or make you feel lesser of a person. So please reach out to someone today who can help you start to forgive yourself..

Life is worth living and with the right people cheering you on you can achieve many glorious things!

Love & Light,


Angie Candler

Founder & Owner of the company "Mrs Mindful"


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