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Do you have a bucket list?

I want to ask you – Do you have a bucket list? I call it a life list but whatever you call it, do YOU have one?

I always say “Make Memories” #makememories and the thing is if you don’t have a “bucket list” what are you aiming for, what do you want to achieve within your life, where would you like to travel to or to do while you’re here?

Have you thought about trekking the Wall Of China, sky-diving, swim with dolphins or open a homeless shelter?

What is it that YOU want to do?

The idea behind it is that it’s a bit like a Vision board so if YOU have a vision / goal board then it makes it even more empowering with the images of what your “bucket list” contains.

You can see them every day – you could have the images on your phone, laptop, on your fridge, on your sun visor in the car – wherever is visual to you daily – so it reaffirms what you’re heading towards and what your vision and bucket list is all about.

.As you go along, you can tick all your accomplishments off the board and add more to the bucket list as you go along but it IS all about experiencing this wonderful planet and making memories – enjoying life and being happy.

If you don’t have a bucket list because you’re thinking “oh, there’s no point. I’m never going to achieve anything” then you need to work on your head and your mindset as we are not here on this planet to go to school, work, pay bills and die – that’s NOT what we are here for.

What empowers you and inspires you more is when you can start ticking the things off your bucket list – how fantastic would that feel? How would you feel?

Really, truly think about it.

I would love to hear from you and the variety from you of what you want to do, where you want to go and what you want to achieve please comment below and let know. Come over and connect with me on Facebook. Click here > FB page < 

Best wishes,


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