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Guest Blogger: JENNY FORD (Award Winning Author - UK)

Do you have a magical place where memories have been made?

My magical place is Funchal Madeira. Let me explain why.

Christmas Day 2014, my husband presented me with a gift that, to be honest I really wasn’t expecting. A CAKE!!!! Yes, a cake!

I must say even though I was very grateful for my cake I was also a little confused to why he had given me this on Christmas Day and I think the reaction on my face showed that I was a little disappointed.

My husband and children just stood there laughing. I really couldn’t see what was so funny! “Mum what is the name of the cake?”

It still didn’t register with me. I guess I was thinking surely, I’m worth a bit more than a cake! It took me several minutes before the penny dropped. It was a madeira cake; and that my actual present was a holiday to Madeira.

Now I saw the funny side of it!

So why, is this a magical place for me? I was a new author back then and it was during writing my second book, my first fiction, Prisoner Within that I felt it just wasn’t flowing like it had been.

Being an intuitive writer I knew that I had to stop and stand back from it, but at the same time I wanted to continue so I could get the message that was in the story out there.

"What’s this message', I hear you say! The message of forgiveness.

Prisoner Within is moving, powerful, and emotional, and I knew as soon as I started to write it it was going to have an impact on people’s lives. It may be fiction, but it will resonate with a lot of us. It shows how we can be chained to past events, but once we can forgive and let go, we can then unlock that prison within our mind and be free to live a happier life. Our situations may be different, but our stories will be the same.

For me to be able to continue writing I knew that I really needed to be in the right space to finish it. Somewhere where I could take a moment to breath away from the four walls of everyday life.

I truly believe that the universe guided my husband to book that holiday to this beautiful magical place so I could be by the ocean and be inspired, this is just what I needed to finish my book. What happen next came as a complete surprise.

As I was taking some time out soaking up the sun, the words Gabriella’s Travels popped into my head.

Now when I write, I always get a title before I even know what the story is going to be about but I guess in this case it was pretty obvious from the title. I grabbed my note pad and pen that just happened to be in my bag and started to write my next book Gabriella’s Travels which also features this beautiful place I was visiting, Funchal.

Now I know why I was guided here, not only to finish Prisoner Within but to start my next book Gabriella’s Travels.

That is why Madeira is my special place.

Jenny Ford

UK Award Winning Author


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