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Becoming Vegan

Guest Blogger: PHOEBE ADAMS (Blogger, Vegan Advocate & Aspiring Model - UK)

For those who don't know, I am vegan and have been vegan since January 1st 2020. The idea came to mind when I did some research on different dieting method's models use and I discovered that some of my favourite models are vegan and have very strong beliefs about the subject. I took a look into it and as a new years resolution I was willing to try. 

One thing to know about me is I don't "ease" into anything, so when going vegan I cut meat and animal products out immediately. At the beginning it was pretty easy, I then started to struggle when my cravings for chocolate kicked in at "that time of the month" and I gave in the tiniest bit, just to satisfy my cramps and what not. 

To overcome the cravings and have a better understanding of veganism I did some research and discovered the harsh ways we get our meat and animal products which helped me fight against my cravings and stand up for what I believe. 

Recently it has gotten easier as I have found Quorn and other meatless meats I can eat instead of real meat which I am grateful for. So this is my story of becoming vegan.

If you would like anymore info on my beliefs checkout my blog post on my website called "Why I am vegan" (

Until next time... 


Phoebe Adams


Vegan Advocate

Aspiring Model


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