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LGBTQ+ 2022

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I absolutely LOVED collaborating the "Smashing Through..." books in 2020 and 2021 so I have decided that I am collaborating more books this year to help more people become co-authors and to help them along their journey of sharing their story and life experience to help others.

It truly is an honour and I LOVE my work.

So, in June, to collaborate with PRIDE MONTH, the Rebecca Adams Publishing House will be publishing a book for the LGBTQ+ Community.

If this is you, (or you know someone who would like to be involved) then I'd love to have you with us on this journey.
You will have a whole chapter dedicated to yourself that you can write about your life story, experience and much more in 2600 words. (plus more)

I am very honoured to offer this to you (it does involve an investment) and you also will have the opportunity of being on a Radio Show and also on Podcasts too.
I am VERY excited about this book as it helps more voices be heard and people to be seen in the world. AND THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT!

If this isn't for you, then please contact someone in your life who may be interested in this opportunity and tell them about this, as I'd love to have them published inside the book.

If your heart draws you to a YES then please know we can book a call to chat and discuss everything to see if it aligns and if you'd like to move forward with this opportunity.

I can send you the paperwork and have you look over everything and you can get started as soon as you wish to. Please click the button below.


Let's do this!
#lgbtq #lgbtqcommunity


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